A woman carries one of the milk jugs used by her family to collect, store and drink camel milk.

A woman carries one of the milk jugs used by her family to collect, store and drink camel milk.
The town of Logiya is the bustling neighbour to the new Afar capital of Semera. These children are students in Logiya.
Monkeys wait on the side of road in hopes that drivers in passing vehicles will throw food to them.
Great distances are covered on foot in the Danakil Depression as few can afford vehicles.
Monkeys and ostrich are some of the animals that inhabit parts of the Afar region.
Near the border with Eritrea, soldiers stand guard against attacks and kidnappings.
This young Afar woman is resisting marriage until she finishes her studies. Her house is directly opposite the university in Semera.
Salt mountain near Dallol.
Salt workers arrive early and spend the day under the sun working to load up donkeys and camels with blocks of salt to sell.
Soldiers are required to accompany anybody who intends to go near the border with Eritrea.
The Danakil Depression - also known as the Afar Triangle - is a scorched landscape of salt, lava, sulphur, rock and seemingly endless dust.
A young boy stands with the goats of his family and extended family on the land where they live outside of Logiya.
Three generations of women in Hamed Ella.
Sulphur near Dallol.
A waitress in Adfera approaches to ask for a ride to visit her soldier husband stationed nearby.
Men harvest salt at Lake Asale which is now dry but used to be a salt lake.
Soldiers watch the only TV in Hamed Ella.
Salt workers harvest salt from the dry Lake Asale.
The 'administrator' of Hamed Ella outside his hut.
A husband and wife outside of the hut they share with others near Asayta.
Two Afar men in Adfera.
A petrol station in Semera where fuel is brought from Libya.
This style of hair is common among Afar people in the southern Danakil Depression.
A young Afar girl with goats in a camp outside of Asayta.
Sleeping outside in Asayta in the extreme heat is preferable to sleeping indoors since there is no air conditioning and rarely even fans.
Coffee is an important part of Ethiopian culture even in small towns like Birhale in the Danakil Depression.
Salt is one of the few industries in the Danakil Depression. Here, a camel caravan makes the long trip from Birhale to Mekele.
Two Afar boys stand in front of Lake Adfera.
Mother and child carry empty water jugs back to their hut.
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